We are young, ambition Startup built up by people who believe in miracles, kindness, values and are passionate about what they do. 

We are techy, always willing to do people solving real-life problems through our solutions.

Our experience in the Sport field showed us that the success is only possible if the personal development goes hand by hand with the professional one. This is why we because a "dual-career" company, meaning that every person in the company get to have the chance to develop in both, professional and personal, directions.

Meet Our Team

We do what we love for the love of what we do.

Stefan Ljutzkanov
CTO and Innovation
Ana Nenova-Lyutskanova
Bookkeeping & HR
Jack McMillan
Sales Manager (intern)
Yash Deshpande
Media Manager
Ryan King
Technical Consultant (Intern)

Why work for us?

We are quite unique in sense of HR implementation programme.

Above average pay

We want to give every of our employees the key security for their job. However, there is a lot more than this. 


Everyone involved in the projects has the access to additional income stream. This is through a commission produced from their projects.

Personal development

We provide Personal life-coach who is available for each employee every week or every 2nd week. This gives the opportunity to develop yourself.

Professional development

We invest around 10% of the profits every year for professional development in the forms of education, respecialisations and more.

Social activities

Our goal is to have regular social activities not just for the employees but for their families as well. We bring the kids together too.


Is there are any other area where you want to develop yourself? We are dual-career company and we support athletes, moms and dads and any other 2nd "career". 

Flexible schedule

As dual-career company we support flexible schedule. For us the time is not the key, but the quality of the work done. We can make it work for you and your family. 

Remote work possible

For some of the positions we support remote work packages. We do believe in the remote work options, but we don't want to lose the social and development aspect.