Our consultancy process

Design around our work with a large number of Startups and Sport organisations
Understanding what to expect is key to get the best out of the process. We want to be efficient but we also take the time to got in details which might be the key to the solution. 

1. Initial meeting

Virtual or face to face. We will have a number of questions to understand what is the problem you want to solve and where we could make a difference. 

3. We follow the Project plan

We will break down the project in key areas and prepare the Project plan. You will have full control over the scope, weekly done tasks and potential challenges.  

2. We will prepare a action plan

In most cases a simple GAP analysis will be helpful. In others, we will need to dig deeper and create a "blueprint", custom business strategy or research analysis. This normally includes detailed pricing, deadlines and way to work together.

4. Together we agree on the Solution and the next steps

Once the plan is completed, we should be clear about what type of solutions are available. In most cases, this will get to the Product development or Prototyping. 

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