You don't know what Odoo is?

Why a Hybrid SAAS for Odoo ERP?

We think it is better to understand the problem before understanding our solution.

1. Problem: Price

Many Organisations we worked with couldn't affort the complete price of owning, customising and maintaining an Enterprise version of Odoo. It was simply too expensive for them. So many smaller Companies or Non-for-profit organisations went to the Community version. 

2. Problem: Features

However, out of the box, the Community version is limited. So they had to buy all additional 3rd party apps and pay for the implementation and customisation. Additionally, they also have to pay for design (logo, branding) and custom themes which could be used. 

3. Problem: Customisation

Most Odoo apps needs expanding with some more features. For some organisations this is must have but again too expensive to achieve. Even simple things could cost a day of a developer. Complex apps or projects can cost months of development. 

4. Problem: Support

At the end, even if they jump over all hurdles the support of maintaining, securing and taking care of all updates has been a challenge. The Enterprise support is only about technical features, not supporting the specific Odoo deployment. So again, more costs to make it feasable.

What is the Hybrid SAAS for the Odoo ERP
(Community & Enterprise)

It solves all challenges and problems on a fix costs based on Software as a Service model. 

Fully managed ERP

We take care for the installation and deployment of your secure environment where the ERP is going to be. We also offer the complete IT infrastructure. 

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We help you implement the ERP in the whole company since day 1. We provide this as working together on the business processes first and later on the proper implementation.

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The customisations are included in the price since the beginning. Depending on the package you have there are fixed hours per month. 

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Personal Consultant

We updated the fast implementation module of Odoo to be bidirecational and we implemented a personal consultant who will help you with the business processes and the all steps when the ERP is being deployed and implemented.

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We will build up the CMS website together with you. We will help you get the best structure for it and make it work with all modules. If you don't have a logo or branding we can help with this as well but as an addon to the design capacity. 

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If your requirements changes over the time you can easily switch between SAAS plans. You can start with the smallest tier and move to a custom one or even switch to the Enterprise version. The added value from the Hybrid service stays the same. 

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How does the whole process works?

Scedule a Demo

Do it now. Don't hesitate and approach us so we can understand your challenges and processes. Our consultants will repsonde within 72 hours. 

Pick up a SAAS tier

After the demo we would recommend a version of the tier service which will be the most adequate to your individual situation.  

Sign & Pay

Sign and Pay the 1 year contract. You can use monthly payments (the default) or you can sign for 1 year ahead and save from the subscription price. 

Onboarding call

We will schedule an onboarding call where we will walk you through the complete deployment and implementation process. We will also explain all documents we will send to you and how to get the information if you don't have it.

DCC phase

Based on the individual project plan, together with you we will start the Design, Configuration and Customisation (DCC) phase. You will have to assign 1 person from your side who will be responsible to provide all answers in time and we will do the same.

Testing & Education

Once the DCC phase is completed we will prepare a real-life testing and education plan. This will allow your team to get hands on the complete solution and start using it although you will find that this already happend in the DCC phase bur partially.

Hybrid SAAS tiers

Suitable for organisations with up to 5 heavy internal users and 1 small website (up to 30 pages) and smaller customisations. 

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Suitable for organisations with up to 10 heavy users, up to 2 small websites or 1 medium website (up to 75 pages and medium customisations. 

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Suitable for organisations with up to 15 heavy users, up to 3 websites or 1 large website (up to 150 pages) and larger customisations. 

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Suitable for large organisation with larger amout of users, heavy implementations, custom business processes and deployments.

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