Odoo ERP as SAAS + all additional services in one package

We will help you at every stage. From business consulting to software deployment and design.


We deploy the relevant Odoo ERP solution for you. From on-premises infrastructure to AWS unlimited scalability options.


We implement the ERP within your business processes. We have developed a "hybrid" 2 ways custom implementation methodology to speed up the process.


We offer the opportunity to customise the ERP to fit your custom processes. We will help you with the business process design as well.


You don't have a branding or a logo? Our designers will help! We will create and integrate your unique branding within the ERP system. 

 We digitalise, optimise and speed all Business processes

Custom and individual solutions for all your processes. Saving you a lot of time, money and resources.  


Digitise your Sports organisation, member management and subscription model. And all the rest...


Automate all business processes, so you can save time, money and resources. 


Optimise the sport business processes based on real-time analytics and create better automation.


Create your own Apps and Modules to fit your business model. 

Why Choose Our Solutions?

All reasons why you can trust your Business to us. 

Fully Managed

All our solutions come fully managed. We take away all the stress from you and we deal with all security, issues, support and issues.

Fully Configured

We help you with all onboarding for our software solutions until everything is configured in the way you want it..

24 X 7 Service

Our support service is non-stop, as your business is. You can access our helpdesk directly from your account.


All our systems comes white-labelled, de-branded and tailored for your business. Your customers are going to see your own brand only. 

Outsourced Capacity

In some cases we can offer outsourced resources who will help you in interactions with your own customers. In this case we are part of your team. 

Enterprise offers

We offer enterprise versions for our platforms. This is only necessary when your business growth is significant and the basic solutions can't fit anymore. 

Do you want to find more?

Schedule a demo with one of our sales manager or simply give us a call.